Intense Workouts At Sunderland

Jermain Defoe reveals that Sunderland players are undergoing an intense workout regime as they are getting ready for the pre season matches.

Indeed, every club’s players are focusing on training and getting in form ahead of the new season that will start off from next week. Some clubs have retained their position in the Premier League while others will hope to restore their position by the end of this season. Sunderland was able to secure a place in the Premier League but their scores are quite low. Hence, it is necessary that the players are in top form to ensure that they are able to play through the rounds of the tournament.

For these reasons the manager of the club, Sam Allardyce has been putting the players through gruelling workouts as Jermain Defoe has revealed. The squad is going through workouts that are long and gruelling. Black Cats have been undergoing pre season training and Jermain has been talking about the intense regime that has been designed for them this year. There are about three sessions in a day that the players need to go through. As per the striker who is 33 years of age, he is already feeling the effects of the rigorous fitness regime.

Defoe stated that the place selected for training is quiet so that the team can focus on training as well. The players are also eager to get back to form and hence, everyone is putting in the hard work to train before the season begins. Defoe stated that the manager definitely wants the players to have a good season for which they are putting in the hard work that he is pushing them towards. He wants to ensure that the players are in fit, form when the first games begin.