Jermain Defoe, the Tottenham striker has recently reported that their managed Harry Redknapp has been quite inspirational throughout the matches and this has been one of the major reasons why Tottenham has managed to stand a position to win the title cup.

Defoe has worked with Harry for over 7 years and has hence managed to understand each and every character trait of this enthusiastic manager.

Defoe has been quite a regular in Redknapp’s team selection and hence has been able to understand the ins and outs of this manager. He feels that Harry has this sense of aura that spreads to all those who are associated with him and this is what help each and every player to build their confidence. Harry always knows the ways to get the best out of all the players and this goes a long way in ensuring that the players put in their 100 percent effort.

He teaches each and every player how to make them feel important. Jermain Defoe has been impressed with these qualities and this is what helps him to put Harry in such high respect as he truly appreciates the effort made by the manager to ensure that his team works to the best of their potential and does not fall back.

Jermain in his report has mentioned how Harry had made him feel special as a youngster and made him realize the inner qualities and talents that lay hidden inside him. The best thing about Harry is that he does not differentiate with age and finds and maximizes the talents of skilled players irrespective of their age and other factors.

Giving motivational speeches has been Harry’s forte and he makes each and every player love the game. Jermain Defoe truly considers Harry as his hero.