Craig Gordon seems still upset by the rough challenge he received from then Spurs striker Jermain Defoe when they clashed at White Hart Lane late 2009.

The No. 1 keeper then for Sunderland says he would not forget that day as they lost 2-0 and the striker broke his arm.

The Celtic goalie said he remembers the late challenge that altered the course of his life. He is the man in goal when England play Scotland at Hampden at the World Cup qualifiers. He says that he hopes to keep a clean shirt and leave the Bournemouth new signing hurting this time.

“Of course I know Defoe well. He broke my arm at White Hart Lane so you could definitely say there’s history there. No, I wasn’t pleased with the challenger. I went out to dive at his feet, he kicked my arm – and broke it,” the keeper said.

Gordon added that he still had “the metal work” in there as he had to undergo three operations to fix the issues. He complained that it still hurts him every now and then. He said after the game Defoe tried reaching out but he was not interested.

The player missed games due to the injury and stayed three months out. When the doctors tried removing the metal, he broke his arm again, missing another few months that affected his career a great deal.

The 34-year old is set to get his 47th cap after finding his way back into the team. He was forced off after his injury. This time he hopes to break England hearts when they meet at Hampden – the site where they won Ukraine, France and Croatia.

The player is part of Celtic Invisibles’ team. He says the Scots can take something out of the game with their confidence.