Ballack claims Ozil shouldn’t have moved

Michael Ballack believes that Mesut Ozil should not have made a move from Real Madrid to Arsenal the previous season.
According to Ballack, Ozil’s biggest problem is that he is not comfortable with criticism. As soon as he has a few off days and he gets criticized, his body language drops significantly.
Ozil appeared to have started enjoying life in England straightaway as in his first few matches for Arsenal last year, he was just amazing. He was outfoxing opposition with his pace, setting up goals and winning matches, but, this year has been an extreme contrast to that.
In a show couple of days back, when Ballack was asked what, he thinks, is wrong with Ozil at the moment, the Germany legend said, “Well, it’s hard to say from outside, but, seeing Ozil, you can almost sense that he is not happy about something. He has just become a world champion, his body language should have been quite positive, but, that’s not the case surprisingly.”
“He has always had this problem. He just doesn’t look prepared to fight out such tough periods. When you go to a new place, it always takes you time to settle down. But, it doesn’t mean you let your body language drop. And, that’s why I think he should not have left Madrid. He should have hung in there. But, he didn’t fight hard enough.”
“He is a fine winger though, make no mistake. The guy is good enough. Yes, he falters sometimes in defending, but, he will learn that. At the moment, he’s just got to lift himself.”
Ozil, with more than 60 international games and more than 300 club games, is quite an experienced player already, though he is only 25 at the moment.